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More About
Our Spa

Who We Are

Our establishment is constructed with all decorative wood on the walls and floors to resemble an upscale Thai Massage & Spa establishment that one would find in Thailand.​

With Traditional Thai decor and furnishings, along with relaxing Thai music and complimentary herbal tea, Chaba provides its customers with an atmosphere of actually being in Thailand without leaving the country.


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Ancient Massage, or Thai Massage as it is commonly called today, is one of the world’s oldest healing institutions. The Thai people saw illness as an imbalance between the Body, the Mind, and the Spirit.


Thai Massage is a technique used to give one a new life experience. It works on the so called “energy lines” that run throughout the human body.

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The Health
Spa Experience

At Chaba Thai Massage & Spa our therapists will ask you to complete a short medical survey to ensure that you have the treatments that best suite to your needs without aggravating any medical conditions you may have.  

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